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Do you only do work for big companies?


We do a lot of work for bigger companies and organisations, such as the Ministry of Defence, Surrey Wildlife Trust and various Geotechnical Consultants. However much of our work is for private individuals in the local area.



Are you fully insured?


We hold £10 million pound Public, Employer and Products Liability insurance. See "Documents" page under "About Us" for further details.



I'm not quite sure what I require. Can you advise me?


We are always pleased to discuss your requirements and offer advice where we can. We will never recommend work that isn't required and will always advise you on what we believe to be the most cost-effective solution. Please note however that we are not Consultants, and although any advice given will be the best we can provide on the basis of our experience and knowledge there may be situations where we will recommend that you obtain specialist advice.



Do you guarantee your work?


We do not formally provide a guarantee, especially for any construction work which by its nature is subject to so much variation in its subsequent use. However we value the reputation that we have established over many years and take our responsibilities in this area very seriously. On the rare occasion where defects can in any way be contributed to the original workmanship or materials used, we will always seek to remedy the situation to the complete satisfaction of the client.



Can you supply a JCB if I require porosity testing?


Dependent on other work commitments we may be able to service jobs within a maximum 25 mile radius of our depot with our own JCB. However in most circumstances the hirer of the water bowser would be expected to source this themselves.



How do I go about having my septic tank emptied?


Once you have registered your details with us we will carry out the work as agreed. We will then send you an invoice, which can be paid by cheque, card or bank transfer. 




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